Types of Hackers

There are Five types of hackers:

  • Script Kiddies: This type of hackers have limited or no training and know how to use only basic techniques and tools of hacking. Even though they may not understand what they are doing.
  • White-Hat Hackers: This type of hacker think exactly like the attacking party, but work for the good guys. They are authorised by the owner to penetrate the system to find any threats and vulnerabilities. This group of hackers also known as ethical hackers or pentesters.
  • Gray-Hat Hackers: This type of hacker is in between the good and the bad.; and have decided to reform and become the good side. Once they are reformed, they still might not be fully trusted.
  • Black-Hat Hackers: This type of hacker is the bad guy and operate on the opposite side of the law. They may or may not have an agenda; and usually they perform outright criminal activities.
  • Suicide Hackers: This type of hacker tries to knock out a target to prove a point. They are not stealthy, because they are not worried about getting caught.

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