Ethical Hacking Glossary

Some terms that you must encounters in pentesting:

  • Hack Value: This term describes the target that may attract the attacker. Due to the value of this target, it is considered to be very attractive to the attacker because of what it may contain.
  • Target of Evaluation (TOE): Is a system or resource that is being evaluated for vulnerabilities. Usually, TOE would be specified in a contract with the client.
  • Attack: The act of targeting and attacking the other side (value).
  • Exploit: To breach the security of a system.
  • Zero Day: This describes the threat or vulnerability, which is unknown to the developers and has not been addressed yet.
  • Threat: A potential violation of security in a system.
  • Vulnerability: Considered to be a weakness on the system that can be exploit to attack and enter the system (as an entry point into an environment).
  • Daisy Chaining: This is the act of performing several hacking attacks in sequence with each acting/building on the result of the previous action.

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