What is Cyberecurity?

Cybersecurity involves protecting information and systems from major cyber threats such as, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare and cyber espionage; and it is a critical issue and a major risk for all businesses. According to PwC website, cyber risk can be defined as the risk connected to online activities, internet trading, electronic systems and technological networks and storage of personal data. Cyber risks can be divided into 3 distinct areas:

  • Cyber crime: This type is conducted by individuals working alone, or in organised groups, intent on extracting money, or data.
  • Cyber war: Is a nation state conducting sabotage and espionage against another nation, in order to extract data or to cause disruption.
  • Cyber terror: An organisation (which works independently of a nation state) is conducting terrorist activities through the medium of cyberspace.


The URL below shows the live cyber-attacks. It gathers information on attacks happening around the world and display them in a map (http://map.norsecorp.com/#/).


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