How to Create a Strong Password

Passwords are secret word or phrase of characters used to gain access to the system as a particular user; it is also used to verify that user (account holder). Nowadays, passwords are everywhere and they are very important, where phones, computers, tablets, secret area and more are locked with passwords. This will ensure that only the right person will be able to gain access and no else. Usually, passwords are set to protect your information and privacy from unauthorised people.


It is completely different form company/ website to another, when it comes to setting the rules of the users’ password. For example, some companies/websites require strong requirements when creating the password; while the others only require setting up a normal password (with no strong requirements). Here are some requirements needed to set up a strong password:

  1. Minimum of 12 characters: The password must be at least between 12 and 14 characters
  2. Uppercase and lowercase letters: The passwords must contain at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter. Note: Passwords are case-sensitive, so “A” is completely different from “a”.
  3. Numbers: Along with the letters, the password must contain some numbers.
  4. Symbols: Including symbols to the password, will increase the security of your password. These symbols are: ! ” # $ % & ‘ ( ) * + , – . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ { | } ~.
  5. Spaces: Keep in mind that spaces at the beginning or end of your password are not allowed, but inside the password should be fine.

Note: try to avoid using (your name) or (date of birth) as your password, because they can be guessed easily.


Passwords have so many advantages over its disadvantages. For example, passwords are easy to implement, easy to be changed anytime, provide low costs, can be used widely, provide authentication, integrity and reliability and many more. Passwords, on the other hand, can be obtained easily if the user uses weak passwords.

To check how strong your password is or how long it might take to obtain your password.


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