Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

PGP is another security mechanism, which is an abbreviation for Pretty Good Privacy. PGP is an application of Cryptographic technology that uses public-key encryption. PGP has been used to protect the privacy in any communication forms such as, email, data, data storage and more.

PGP was designed to provide the security and privacy measures that are not currently presented in many forms of online communication. The email, for example, travels from one destination to another in an encrypted form. The recipient will decrypt the message back to the plaintext using PGP.


PGP works with two keys (public-key and private-key); where the public-key encrypts the message and the private-key decrypts the message. In addition, PGP provides authentication, since the users can use the private-key to digitally sign the message. This will make sure that the recipient knows where the message (mail) came from.

Note: The sensitive data files stored on the hard drive or USB can also be protected by PGP, by using the public-key to encrypt the files; and private-key to decrypt them.


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