About Me

My name is Abdulaziz Hameda; I was born and raised in Dhahran (KSA) in 1991. After I completed my high school in science in 2009, I moved to the United Kingdom in the same year to complete my high education. I started by studying general English at CELTIC School in Cardiff. After that, I moved to Canada to support and improve my English language, where I studied the Academic English Language at the University of Toronto.

Later in 2011, I came back to the UK and joined the Nottingham Trent International College, where I successfully completed the International Foundation Course (IFC). The year after, I joined the Nottingham Trent University and completed the first year (Level 4) of the BSc studies in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), where I successfully gained the Diploma degree.

After that, I moved to Cardiff Metropolitan University to complete the further studies in Computer Science (Level 5 & 6), where I successfully graduated with a high GPA in 2015. Lately in 2016, I graduated from Cardiff University with the MSc degree in Information Security & Privacy.